We Love Testing! — Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector

First of all, thanks to the Anker Community Team @AnkerOfficial for selecting me to review the new Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with LIghtning Connector! What a treat!

TL;DR — Works as advertised! Many hidden benefits over the cable that comes in the box (Especially since the cable that comes in the box is only USB-A!)


Before this review begins, may we please have a word about safety — in researching other cable reviews for this project, it became apparent that many are actively seeking cables with an ‘endurance’ beyond others. While, yes, the Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector does satisfy such a claim, this is not a trait that should be desired, if you are safely and properly taking care of your cables!

Look. Here’s a refresher:
— Cables are woven together to create a self-insulating coaxial structure and reduce interference, this means they have a ‘Memory,’ like any rope a cable must be coiled to shorten it’s length — not wrapped like a flat ribbon. Be careful to feel a cable’s memory when coiling; the cable wants to bend and rotate as you spool it, follow this flow by allowing the cable to fall overhand. If you do not, the cable will have excess tension within the strands and it will break due to abuse.
— Cables are not designed to be pulled or stretched. When disconnecting a cable from use, always grip the cable by the connector head — never pulling the cable itself — Pulling on the cable is what causes “Fraying” and stripping of the sheath away from the wires inside. If you pull the cable, the sheathing will split, the soldering to the connector will come undone, and it will break due to abuse.
— A cable is a strand of metal fibers sheathed in an insulator — both of which will break when bent — Do not bend them! Consider a paperclip, which is a single strand, when bent enough it will break, but you don’t seek a tougher paperclip! Avoid allowing the cable to pinch, kink, or stress any bend tighter than the coil it originally shipped in or else it will break due to abuse.

These are precautions you need to take for safety, your own safety and that of your equipment and data. These same rules apply to high-voltage cables as much as they do low-voltage data cables. You wouldn’t touch a bare wire in your home; don’t let your tech encounter the same risks.

In all my years, I have never “worn out” a cable because I have always taken proper care of them. This is not an issue of quality, warranty, or build — it’s a question of Owner Pride — Don’t blame the manufacturer when you break their product.

If you’re going to go the extra mile to treat yourself to an Anker product, please, take good care of it and it will last you even longer than a cable without the extra strength and attention Anker puts into their designs. Thank you.


That said, the Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector is a beautiful, industrial, and utilitarian accessory I am very happy to use alongside my existing hardware.

The Anker packaging tells you everything you need to know. This cable can be trusted. It’s going to work.

Opening the box, you’re immediately greeted by something new — the USB-C Connector that’s been lacking from your existing Lightning cables!

“That is the nicest cable anyone has ever handed me!” is an actual statement shared with me when I offered them use of an Anker Powerline Lightning Cable in the past. This new cable is no exception!

The feel of this cable is tactile. There is a sense of integrity in the grip. The line will not slip through your hands, it will not fall behind the desk, and it be there when you need it.

Plus, the included hook and loop fastener will keep it handy!

As expected, the Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector fits in right where it belongs.

Another glamour shot.


So then what makes the Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector new and surprising, besides the new utility of the USB-C connector? Many reviews have tried to address this issue already and here is my attempt.

The quality of this cable is one of those intelligibles that must be made tangible to believe.

In an effort to share this sensation with you, I’ve created a short video. LISTEN to the Anker Powerline II — USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector hit home on an Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPhone XS, Apple AirPods Case, and Apple iPad Air! Hear it find home in a way the stock cable only dreams of.

If you weren’t already decided to #UseAnkerInstead, I hope this review has been fun and informative.

Thank you for reading!


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If all users would follow your hints how to treat a cable, some of the “cable producers” will going bankrupt.
So let’s stretch and bend cables and getting those from ANKER at least!

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