We love testing anker power drive two alloy first impressions!

Hi there so I just got this in the mail today and here are my first impression - a review will shortly follow as part of the testing event :+1::relieved:


**Thoughts so far :smile: **

I couldn’t be more happy with this product it feels very premium a solid unboxing experience 18 months hassle free and it’s really tiny what more could you I absolutely love and I cannot wait to make my review on it :upside_down_face: And it comes in a very cute box :blush:


Looks nice, can’t wait for the review.


Nice first impression :clap:

Looks better than amazon pictures :smiley: how you get it?

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It’s from a we love testing event in other words I got it for free :ok_hand::+1::joy::upside_down_face:

Aha,are “power user” ? I applyed Myself To power user and “Beta test apply” more than 1 weeks ago, still no answer.

No Not a power user anker does these random testing events this time they were giving out 50 of these and 1600 entered into the testing event it’s open to people like you and me and when you a testing event you can enter :+1:

Can you link me that? I Want to apply myself

This event ended, just keep an eye out for any new events posted


Thanks for sharing ! :ok_hand:

Did it end though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

They do them pretty frequently :upside_down_face:

Okey Thanks!

How is the charging speed with this device?

Haven’t tested that yet going out for a drive later will test it then :+1:

good review :thumbsup:

Nice congrats on getting yourself one of these. Thanks for sharing your first impressions.

I like the sleek look of the charger. Looking forward to the actual review

Quality looks super :smiley::heart_eyes:

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You can say that again it is very good quality

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