We Bring Tidings from CES…

Today is the day and we’re kicking it off strong. Catch us on our social media for updates here and there.

To begin, we have some very exciting news:

Our Anker Atom PD 100W was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Computer Accessories product category!! The release date for this lovely product is in Q1 of 2019.


Our Anker Atom PD charger was ALSO selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Computer Accessories product category. The release date is officially mid January, aka next week!!

It wouldn’t be CES without….

New products!!

If you want to see the selection up close and personal….

If you’re looking to dive a little deeper, read below for more info!

Roav Bolt - You can finally bring Google Assistant to your car! Keep the Bolt connected in your 12V socket and you’ll automatically connect when you get in. From there, ask Google anything you’d like!

Prizm II Pro - It’s got Android TV 9.0 and 1080P!

Icon - A durable bluetooth speaker designed to hang anywhere! Not to mention it floats AND is waterproof!

Icon Mini - A floating, waterproof, speaker! Pair two together if you want!

Infini Pro - Our first speaker with Dolby Atmos technology. Incredibly crystal-clear sound. Compatible with the latest home-cinema formats, including dolby vision.

Wakey - An all-in-one bedside alarm clock that you can wirelessly charge your phone from.

Rave Mini - The second in our party-proof speaker series. IPX7 waterproofing and body-shaking bass makes for a true, portable, party speaker. Thump thump thump!

Rave - Our first party-proof speaker you can take on the go. Body-shaking bass and a 24 hour maximum playtime means the party can, potentially, never end!

What do you think? Which product are YOU most excited about?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


The Wakey has my attention. Definitely looking forward to hearing more about that.


Well, I was right on when I guessed an Nebula Prizm with Android TV, wasn’t I?! :grin:

On the front-left side of the picture there seems to be a projector. I’ll guess the Nebula Prizm II? Though it was already announced. So maybe another Nebula projector - Prizm+, a Prizm with Android TV?

I believe this grants me the opportunity to test is, right? Right? :innocent:


The Wakey and Rave Mini certainly look interesting…having seen the size of it’s big brother from the CES table photo (and specs online), wow, that one is going to be loud :open_mouth:

Is there some reason the announcements were delayed here @AnkerOfficial when several outlets had already been posting about the products (and specs in some cases)??


Neither the camouflage nor the orange outfit is my taste.
Dont do this.

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Velho amigo Taigo; “Crias”
Old friend Tiago: Wishes…hehe! :wink:


Maybe they’ve got a deal going with a boat company :grin:


Please do not go in any “politic discussion” :wink:!


I love the orange color on the Icon speakers! :heart_eyes:
I’m also looking forward to the release of the alarm clock!


I definitely want to know more about the Wakey - I’ve not had great luck with Qi alarm clocks so far. Would love to see what you guys have come up with.


“Clock work Orange”


@AnkerOfficial, do you have any openings in your Marketing Department? I think Franz @Fhassm would be a great fit!


DANG! These all are great! Way to bring it to CES, @AnkerOfficial!


I would never fit in anything.
I am retired and if you would like me as “droog” I appreciate.
But an old droog I will be never such crazy like Alex.

This movie is such a step stone in film history.
But here is not the place to talk about.
It is Kubrick.

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My alarm clock is essentially DOA, that wakey looks like its calling me name.


I know some won’t like the orange on the Icon Mini but I dig it. I would love it more if it was in bright green :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: The Rave and Rave Mini looks interesting.


That orange colour is hideous! But that’s just my opinion. That speaker definitely needs to lay off the fake tan. :wink:

I wonder if Anker got the inspiration for it from these guys… :thinking:


Really looking forward to the Icon and Icon Mini. I don’t even mind the orange. In fact, it’ll match my car. :oncoming_automobile:

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Wow, great job Anker​:clap::clap::clap:

I’m pretty excited about the whole lineup it looks like you’re team has been busy.

The rave looks awesome does anybody know how many you can Daisy–chain together?


It’s got two 5W speakers, Qi charging on top, 10 alarm presets, and FM radio!