Waterproof products - What would you like to see?

Recently I have noticed a trend towards companies producing more and more waterproof products. I personally think this is a great idea as long as it does not involve annoying caps and bungs.

I currently have a waterproof sony tablet which I use to stream games from my PS4. I think it would be great if there was a waterproof PS4 controller so it could be used in a bath or hot tub!

What waterproof products would you like to see?

A waterproof PS4 controller?

Don’t get me wrong some waterproof features are great, such as phones for spills (not certain how some can drop them down the toilet though), keyboards in the workplace and even speakers for use at the beach etc but myself personally I like to keep some things separated, bath and showers being one :grin:

Haha yeah it could also be useful for spills. My dad spilt a pint over my controller and I had to buy a new one :cry:

Yep, forgot about the odd alcoholic tipple causing damage. Could be an idea but manufacturers have to leave some items as consumables (write off when damaged I mean) so that they can maintain some accessories profits. Anker wouldn’t be able to be any different, as much as we like there products.

How about a portable PowerCore+ charger

I think the only useful water protective uses are for speakers and maybe portable chargers.