Waterproof Phone Bag

I think this product is fabulous!

I love how much room there is! I thought it would just hold my iPhone! There is so much room for keys or a wallet!

I think it’s nice that the touchscreen on my iPhone is fully functional while inside of it!

This is made with durable material and great quality!

Hallo Miranda.
I know what you are talking about. :wink:

But you should add some more information and a photo of the product you are talking about.
This would be very helpful for others.
Thank you.


Hey @Miranda_Fahey i hope you are well.
As @Chiquinho I’m intrigued to know what this product is.
Do you have photos in use or web links to add some substance to your review?


It is this Anker product

I agree with above from @Chiquinho @paulstevenewing , Product reviews should have at least 1 pic to give a perspective of what the product is!


I have one but it’s not from Anker

I have about 4, but used only couple of them once while in Florida…

Have you tried taking a picture under water (inside the pool) while your phone is in the waterproof phone bag?

Waterproof Phone Bag

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Oh I just checked it out!! Thanks for adding the link!! Pretty cool product to have if you were at the beach or in the pool!!

I used these on vacation last year. It was nice that I could also toss in my room keycard with my phone when I went to the pool!

That’s a great idea when you’re poolside or out on the lake.
Also good you have control of the phone while in the pouch @Miranda_Fahey

I only used mine for when camping to keep away from puddles, drink accidents.

I have 4 in total, 2 Anker, 2 other brand, and overall I think I’ve used just a couple of times. What I’ve found myself doing most often is just keep the phone away from water and use my smartwatch.

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Shame you didn’t treat your PowerCore Essential to one @professor :open_mouth:

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That was a £25 cost error. I was biking and normally keep water bottles outside and electronics inside in my bag, but…, a brief error of concentration. I’ve never water damaged a phone, but useful reminder from a Powercore of how it happens.

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I have one, doesn’t come from Anker but gets the job done. I still don’t fully trust it though

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