WaterProof ideas

Hello @AnkerOfficial ,

I would like to start a tread about ideas to make waterproof powerbanks, how hard it will be to make one?


I would say not so much as waterproof but i would be more interested in rugged batter banks

A spigen+anker powerbank will be great too! But i was thinking times when i cant use my phone cause of low charge and cant connect it for the the rain will destroy my power bank

I would much rather see a fire proof power bank. Water proofing is overrated and mainstream. We need to get Anker into the future. I think the future is a fire proof power bank. :fire: :fire: :fire:


@moser.alias Problem with something like that is heat build up within the device. Too much heat within will be detrimental to the battery cells.

I’m scratching my head at why you would want a fireproof battery pack. Battery technology has come a long way the past few years so worrying about that is a moot point to me.

I think it might be difficult to develop this kind of product, since water can easily get either in the power bank or in your phone through the ports.

Maybe he is a fireman? To keep his phone up while saving people from fire!

I know it would be easy! But think about this, today we have portable speakers that ALSO are water sumergable ! You can heard your music at the pool or even dive with it

This is why I mentioned a rugged battery bank as it will include port covers to prevent intrusion and also protect from drops and bangs. But if they included an interior nano coating it could be water resistant just not fully waterproof

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IT is not that hard it is only:

  • adding to the casing a sealing glue during the final assembly
  • adding rubber covers to the ports.

What you add:

  • cost
  • complexity
  • weight
  • more things to fail, adding seals failing to electronics failing to cells failing.
  • increased warranty issues as its a “he said she said” type where the end-customer actually broke the Powercore via not properly inserting the rubber cover but blamed Anker for “waterproof failed”. This increased warranty risk has to added to the price to remain profitable.

There is also a different approach, a counter thread to the idea:

  • you are either using the Powercore or you are not
  • if you are using it then you have to break the waterproof seal on the port and then expose to water ingress so nullifying some of the claimed benefits
  • if you are not using, well you could just put it in a waterproof bag along with other items which similarly don’t like water. Those other items then be padding, example I use is if venturing into damp places I put my Powercore wrapped in socks in a waterproof bag.
  • where does your cable get stored? IF you do have a waterproof bag then the cable goes in the bag with the Powercore so the Powercore and the cable are both kept dry and together. If you do not have a waterproof bag then your cable is getting wet, and then you are inserting a wet thing inside past the Powercore water seal so you are necessarily puncturing the whole idea because you are pushing water in via a cable.

I hope Anker services your request, personally I would never buy it as its larger, heavier, more expensive and I can do far better in other existing ways.


Thanks for such a great answer! In my case i have my anker power bank conected to my phone most of the day since is a NEXUS 6P and the battery last 2 - 3 hs AT MOST… thats why i was wondering if there is any plan to make a waterproof one.

Why not replace the internal battery? There are plenty of instructions online on how to do so and the battery only cost about 25 dollars

I thought exactly the same thing reading the topic. You beat me to the punch.

As a frequent hiker and an occasional kayaker, I do carry all my non-waterproof equipment in waterproof bags. While it would surely be easier if everything was waterproof, the added weight and cost alone would defer most people from buying it. If you are in a situation where you need to charge equipment underwater, I guess you would be very particular with that equipment, and probably wouldn’t mind the added cost.


I live in argentina, and i lack the skills to do it. If i go to a IT center to fix it they will break it and say that is beyond repair BEFORE i give it to them… 3rd world is a bad world…

I edited my post there is a killer point at the end…

I’m not sure this would be possible. How could they protect the USB ports, especially when a cable is plugged in?
I’d say that maybe you can put your power bank in a waterproof bag, and take it out only when you need it.

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Waterproofing current power banks means covering up the ports. You can probably do it using silicone covers like how some Bluetooth speakers.

By waterproofing, I mean rain/splash proof.


Anker SoundCore (water resistant IP67) actually can act as a Powerbank, but you would have to open the back of it to use, and it is not warter-resistant while doing so.

It wasn’t too hard to make a water-resistant powerbank. The problem is: it is dangerous to charge any devices with splashing waters all over. There was a case of electrocuting with iphone7 while showering, if I recalled correctly.

Yes there is heat build up with current battery technology. I am offering the idea of a fire proof battery pack. This is a revolutionary idea for the market.:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::smiling_imp::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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And what about making it wireless charging?