Warranty on powerdraw items

Does anyone know if the items we receive from powerdraw are still eligible for warranty?
As some of you know I received the soundbuds surge recent and I was in the process of writing my review for them when I ran into some problems.

They have been working great since I got them, but just today while using them for about 4 or so hours the right ear bud just started crackling and then died. The left ear bud still works but I no longer have sound coming out of the right earbud. I wasn’t sweating or anything, granted these are rated to handle that. And I was reading Ankers warranty policy but It says items won are not covered, but i wasn’t sure if it applied to items we won from the powerdraw. I hope I can get these replaced as I really liked then but it did damper me writing my review on them
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Yes, they carry the same warranty. Just email support@anker.com or marketing@anker.com . They should be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

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yeah I’m pretty sure they are cover by the same warranty as if you bought the product. just send them a e-mail and they should take care of you.

I asked the same question few months back and was told yes the warranty still applies

Thanks @Nhi @namroc22 @ximage29 for confirming, I’ll drop an email later today when I’m not so busy

@elmo41683 hope that helps

Appreciate it @namroc22 thanks for the help

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I also had poweruser items replaced recently because a fault occurred on it. :thumbsup:

Warranty still applies.

It’s good to know that they are covered as a lot of other companies would not have a similar policy, as you did not purchase the product.

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Thanks to all who replied, support just messaged me and they are sending out a replacement unit. Really glad they are still covered under warranty.

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