Warranty for Power User Products?

I received the 6 foot PowerLine+ Lightning Cable in July as a member of the Power User program. It’s been working perfectly on my iPhone 6s since I received it. This morning, I plugged in my iPhone as I always do, but it wouldn’t charge my phone :confused: Ive always been completely confident in Anker products, so I became worried it was a problem with my phone. I grabbed a different cable to be sure, and my phone began charging without issue. That said, it must be a defective cable. However, having received it for free, as a power user, is it still covered under Anker’s warranty?

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Hi @bleaum , yes the power user samples are still covered by Anker’s relevant warranty for the item. Had to use it myself on a pair of NB10 sports.

Just reach out to support@anker.com with the serial and/or rough date when you claimed the sample


Good to know because I wondered about that when I had problems with the C1 Dashcam. But after doing some troubleshooting with Roav, I was cool as a cucumber :stuck_out_tongue: . Gotta love Anker/Roav support.

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thats awesome news that you get products using the power user program that is still covered by the warranty

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So you are telling me that the lightning cables that I got as samples are still covered by the warranty I did not know that but what if you throw away the box with the warranty number how Can I replace my cables and what about screen protectors I dropped my phone and it feels weird without a screen protector on my phone

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Hi @Serg1023 and @bleaum, any quality related problems please don’t hesitate to contact us via support@anker.com, we will try the best to resolve the issue for you. :grin:


thx good to know

That’s awesome @ndalby @AnkerOfficial :grin:

I had a similar problem/situation with a different company, maybe a year or so ago, and their answer was “no.” I expected the same from all…

Then again, Anker is pretty dang awesome overall and now that I know this, I don’t think I could :heart::heart::heart::heart: Anker products any more! Thanks- I’ll be in touch soon


It should be still covered

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Just send them a e-mail. I had a product that I got from power user before that failed and they were happy to replace it

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please check if the 4th pin is dirty, if so, please clean it and try again

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Interesting advice! Thanks @demol3 - I’ll give it a try now :+1: