Warranty exchange

I’m trying to submit a request for a warranty exchange and I did this through the website form. However when I submit the form I just get a message temporarily saying “request successful” and then the form is blank again. I haven’t received an email to confirm that my support request has been received. How can I get confirmation that my support request was received?

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You should normally receive a confirmation email and reference number within 5-10 minutes of submission (I’d check junk folder as well). If you have not received an email in 1-2 hours you would be best to submit your issue via support@anker.com with your item, serial, fault encountered and troubleshooting steps taken.

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Don’t worry, you will definetely get an answer from them.
Just check again in your folders, and maybe check again any typo you may have made.

If you haven’t received a rely within 3 working days, please let me know.:innocent: