Warranty Claim Experience

Hi, I’d just like to ask your experience when claiming replacement for power banks? My unit is the powercore speed PD 20000mah. I bought this in the US and I’m claiming it while on a different country, I know that the warranty clause voids warranty units taken outside the country they were bought.

My question is do they always ask you to return the defective unit? Or do they sometimes don’t bother asking to return the broken unit?

The person I’m talking to is kind enough to actually still honor the replacement on the unit, but with the pandemic and all I don’t know if I’ll be able to claim the replacement from a different country since I don’t know if I should ship it directly to anker, and with that it might cost me as much as buying the same unit or even more.

For those with doubt the power bank did “die”. I can’t charge it and it can’t charge a device since it “flickers”, not giving a continuous charge, so the charging indicator on a device you’re charging would display on and off repeatedly.

Depends how good is the evidence of the unit failure.

I’ve never had a Powercore fail on me but had other items (Powerport, buds) and they told me no need to return and they sent me another.

To get around the country change, it’s their discretion but they can give credit / discount codes to get another in new country, that’s above your rights, but they have methods.

Keep factual and polite, best to keep this offline away from the community as nothing we can do, but I’d say Anker want you to be happy customer and will try hard for you.

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That was quick! Thank you so much. I am and always try my best to be polite with customer service. I always liked the community here since everyone seems so polite and helpful, even if I’m not that active. With regards to evidence, he/she basically just asked what the problem was and I said the above and proceeded for a replacement.

I don’t want to sound scummy or greedy but its really difficult for me to ship this from another country, if a replacement can’t happen since I can’t ship it there, I’m taking anything I can get to buy a new one here.

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Depending on age of product you may get a partial credit for your new country. Normally in country replacement is sent at their discretion a renewed product.

Highlight your situation, they’ll try their best to make you happy.

They tend to work Chinese hours so be tolerant of time to reply, my experience is often next day reply.

Thank you, will do :slight_smile:

Hey @Ysagani_Rafael_Paez
I havent got much more to add than @professor
I’ve had the need to contact support only once for a failure and they are generally very reposnsive if you put the effort in and supply as much information upfront, including photos and links to a video etc as an example.
To mirror @professor words, Anker likes happy customers and always do their best to make that happen.
Keep us updated with your progress :+1:t2:

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They offered me 50% refund for the item, since I can’t ship it back. Still satisfied with the customer support


Glad you have a resolution you are happy with @Ysagani_Rafael_Paez

There are not many companies who will offer you that.
I know what I am talking about.