Not an Anker thing, but thought you’d enjoy.

Have you wanted to capture more than just directly on the screen, and scroll down the page to capture more of a story etc…

Well here you go.

When selecting a screenshot on s9 n above Samsung Galaxy.

Press n hold … POWER n VOL DOWN
now see what I’ve circled … that stretches the screen shot, so you get the whole page in, in one image, instead of multiple images

Image of standard screenshot.

Image using the extended screenshot feature

It’s nice to learn something new. This feature is Samsung only at the mo! (That I know of).


Pretty cool feature! I hope they integrate it into iPhones!

(and I don’t want to hear any of the usual comments “Apple is always at Least 3yrs late to the game, so you still have a while to wait”, or “Apple will probably integrate it soon, since they always copy Samsung).

Thanks for sharing nonetheless :joy:


It’s not even a full android feature, so don’t know.

Google apparently WONT be doing this and some people are upset at not having.


This has been possible on iPhone since late 2016, if you are interested download the app Stitch it. Below is an article for interested iPhone users. It stitches photos back to back… Not elegant but use-able

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Interesting information, came to know via this article, this was possible on Samsung

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Cool feature!!

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Seems like you are enjoying your new phone @MacBlank

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This doesn’t “stitch” it’s a scrolling screenshot.

It’s not an app, it’s a built in feature.

Yes there have been apps that’ll put photos together, but this isn’t that. It’s only use is for capturing you screen.



Oh btw, I’ve removed the screen protector, as getting annoyed at multiple fingerprint misreads.

Boy is this phone responsive without it!

There are limitations on iPhone, but there solutions to overcome. Good to know Samsung S9 has it as built in feature :slight_smile:

Well it’s S9 and upwards…

Therefore, all Samsung’s since, and those with the same os updates.

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Really? You tempting me to remove mine :joy:

I was getting annoyed at multiple fingerprint misreads, so decided to remove it. Now I hardly ever get an error.

And a bonus, my touches are really responsive, and the images are a lot clearer.

I have had screen protector on my iPhones (5, 6S, 7, 8 and X), touch response has been excellent, no lags. It has protected it more than couple of time on iPhone 5 and X, as recent as last month during a fall.

It is a good investment on screen protectors, and do not remove them unless you plan to upgrade your phone soon :laughing:

I’m thinking on keeping this phone for a while so I’ll probably leave the screen protector a bit longer :thumbsup:

In 26 years, I’ve never used a screen protector, and never needed one either.

No broken phones/screens in almost 30 years, I don’t want to start now

Plus, the screen protector that was prefitted was shit. Altered the resolution, distorted fingerprint, and slowed response on taps.

thats a great track record :thumbsup: wish i could say the same, have changed 2 protectors after the phones fell and cracked,

I already knew it, but it’s good that you share it for others. Maybe not everyone knows. :ok_hand:

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This is know for a while now :wink:

Lol last phone I broke was like 7 years ago. I’ve dropped my phones a couple of times but I’ve been lucky they haven’t broke