Wall charger sometime won't turn on

Ok I just got a new anker wall charger last month from online shop, it claim an official anker shop. I already try to verify if it original from the box and it verified. My problem is that sometimes the charger not working, it won’t turn on, I used a connector to connect the charger and sometime I need to adjust the charger to the connector because it won’t turn on and I used 3 connector with the same problem. My question is.

  1. Did the light on the charger is always turn on even when it not charging? Because it always does.
  2. Is anyone having the same problem with me? And how do you fixed it?
  3. Did my charger is really original, because it look different from the other. I know it is verified.


Are you really sure that THIS is an genuine ANKER charger?
Do you still have the packing?


Yes I do, it look deferent right?


Maybe its your schuko adapter. Really cheap ones does not maintain contact very well. Buy more expensive one and try it. I always have problems with adapters.

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Negative as the device in your image is NOT an Anker product. Moreover it’s substitute QualComm 3.0 charger was placed in an official Anker package. Thus this should be returned to the place of purchase and the account reported as being false advertising. I’m assuming eBay or Amazon which is synonymous for independent retailers selling bogus items in original packages.


Hmm actually I have the same doubts, anyone else can verify that this is the fake products?


May you show us more photos of the charger please.



Anker doesn’t typically place any advertising on the fronts of their chargers. Usually they place an “IQ”, “PD” or on an older one I have “QC”. I can’t speak toward this being official or not, but I can say it does not look like the normal ones.

Found a link showing this exact one on aliexpress. Hopefully Anker can verify


This is what the powerport 1 should look like

And it should have foldafoldable plugs

So based in that you have a fake. Also note all anker plugs will also have power IQ listed on their device. For QC they use the QC logo and not the full wording


As far I see you use SchuKo (CEE 7/3) socket and the charger has an (NEMA) US plug.
Might be there is the reason of the issue you have.

There could be a loose connection :
Schuko -> adapter -> charger.


Even still I have never seen any anker plugs advertise QC in long format as they always used the token ac as seen here

This is the revised version of this plug

this and what I posted above


I agree the box may be genuine but the product looks fake. @kaloners you may want to return this and send a message to @AnkerOfficial with sellers name and the website you bought it from. Maybe @AnkerOfficial can discuss this with Anker leadership.

I hate it when some companies try to piggy back on the success of the others. I am all for having a competitive market but not by producing sub standard products.

You have to win the race by running faster than others not by pulling others back.


Ok, I already contacted the seller and they said it’s genuine and I can verified it on the anker web. I also ask about the line, IQ etc they said that the new product doesn’t have it anymore.

@fhassm hmm maybe you’re right
@Monk3e yes it look a like except for usb color, it’s green not white.

Thank you for all the response :pray::pray::pray:

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Your Verifying what’s on the box not the actual product itself which by all means looks to be a knockoff. As I mentioned above Anker has never advertised quick charge on their products in long format but rather QC 2.0/3.0 token as you can see on the pictures I posted above. And for that store to say their new line does not have Power IQ is flat out wrong and a lie, I posted the two variants old and new above and they both have power IQ. In fact every plug Anker makes has some for of Power IQ be it 1.0 or 2.0.

Sorry to say but you have been lied to about what you purchased


The light should be on.

I thought the same thing until I saw this amazon page which I am pretty sure is made by Anker.


The picture in the description shows a couple advertising the Qualcomm system prominently.

FYI: Qualcomm Is not a devision of Anker, Having both manufacturers on the same page is incorrect. The Anker charger looks authentic, but is merely a knockoff via Qualcomm.

Also, take notice of the above URL… The item has been pulled by either Amazon, or whom ever was offering this bogus charger.

Yes, Qualcomm is not a division of Anker. But by being a charging standard, it does appear often on chargers, especially when trying to get people to purchase products. Anker has shortened it to QC, which is still Qualcomm advertising. Qualcomm does not actually make products for charging, They make chips and then release tech guidelines to other companies in order to make the fast chargers we use everyday.

It still has not been identified to being bogus yet, I believe we need Anker official to weigh in.

I didnt want to be the guy to get this wrong, which is why didnt say never and asked for Anker to chime in.


If you look at the photo for the Powerdrive +1 Port car charger “Qualcomm” is clearly spelled out in full. It would be best to not assume, since my assumption is the one might be real but very old stock. This would satisfy the “Official Gear”, but still be old and not known by us. Incidentally I will need to check the freebie they sent me a few years ago, since I believe that powerdrive is the one I received.