Wall charger 2-pack lightning deal US

It looks like this deal will last for 14h. It’s an awesome price for a dual pack!

USB Charger, Anker 2-Pack Dual Port 12W Wall Charger - $12.79, 30%off (It’s back to $15.99 now :frowning: )


nice! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet deal. Thanks for sharing! It will last for 14hrs, or until they sell however many the sale is for :wink:

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Wish Canada had two pack deals.

@rtena @Anjou1888 the deal’s expired. It’s back to 11% now

:cry: these deals move to fast for me :cry:

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Damn… that was not the 14h as advertised :frowning:

Lol yea guess they realized they would lose a ton of money like this :joy:.

Or the stock came down enough for them to get some space for other items in the warehouse :joy:

Nice, That is the US, we have nothing like that in the UK?

Wish it had more watts output or I’d get me a couple