Vote for which color you want more of Anker's products to be made in?

Hey guys, cast a vote in the poll below for which color you want more Anker products to be made, and we can see what’s most wanted!

Maybe @AnkerOfficial will respond and make the most voted color more often? :thinking:

Personally, I want to see more blue products.

What color do you want more of Anker’s products to be made in?

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Metallic Colors
  • Multi-Colored
  • Other

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Disclaimer: This is not an official poll made by @AnkerOfficial.

Comment down below which combination of colors you want if you voted multi-colored, which metallic color you want if you voted for it, or what color you want If voted other.
(Sorry I didn’t put pink, I asked a moderator if he could add it in the poll.)

Have fun! :grin:


This one

But seriously I do not care, as far as I can tell every color other than matt / black ends up costing more. Let those who like a specific color pay extra for it. If its an unpopular color I’ll pick it up if its cheaper.


I personally feel like all of the metallic colors could give a new feel to the Anker company. The portable chargers in gold or silver would look sleek and more people will want to buy them

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Bump up to the front.

Matte black or red for me

99% of their products have an option for black


Hypnotoad says buy metallic colors


Man that’s trippy, I worked all night and just as I’m about to lay down I see this and magically I’m not tired anymore. What is this sorcery?

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Hypnotoad says you don’t need sleep :wink::joy:


I know I know sleep is for the weak or I can sleep when I die…yawn :skull_crossbones:

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titanium or black steel

Now you’re getting it​:joy::joy:

Take a nap buddy then wake up and make your lady some breakfast :wink: your welcome in advance.

*Edit forgot you’re 3 hours ahead of me over there🤦‍♂️

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Yeah, that would be cool.

Oh man the hypnotoad almost hypnotized me and I was about to forget my name :grin:


Haha LOL :laughing:

So far, Metallic Colors is winning right now in the poll.

I really like the metallic red color on the Powerline + 2 cables and the red soundcore Flare.

This would be easy with anodized aluminum but make the power banks more expensive and dent prone but I’m normally pretty careful with my power Banks especially my larger ones 10k<

I would happily pay the extra few dollars for a aluminum case on the more premium power bank models

It would also be great if Anker made more cases for their products and different shaped power Banks. the new headphone cases and flare case that comes with the holiday package look pretty snazzy and all the Anker cases that I have owned (powercore 20K/soundcore 2 cases x2) still look like they’re brand new. I almost bought a couple of new soundcore flares that come with the hard case and gifted my old set.


+1 for Metallic colors

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You sure do know your stuff, and you know what your talking about.

flattery will get you nowhere​:joy::wink:

Hey, you spend as much time as I have lurking around the community you pick up a few things.

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