Volume problem on Anker Sport XL

I bought the speaker Anker Sport XL from Amazon and i love it, but i noticed a problem: sometimes the volume turn up and down by itself at a certain point of some songs. Is it a common problem or a flaw of the one that i got?

Hi @Filippo_Gerotto, some people do notice volume fluctuations on the SoundCore Sport XL. You could first try unpairing and repairing your Bluetooth device to the speaker to see if the issue improves. If the fluctuations continue, please feel free to contact support@anker.com.

not sure if ive personally had that problem, but ive noticed that it doesn’t get all that loud

Haven’t noticed that issue myself yet. Have you tried another app/music source?

The biggest flaw with the soundcore XL is the fluctuation in volume (amplitude) when the bass heavier parts of tracks kick in. The volume of the sound can be set just right when the track is heavy in higher, treble pitches but unfortunately the speaker loses a significant amount of volume when the bass kicks in. Its quite dramatic - it creates a poor, unreliable listening experience to the extent that I have considered buying a different speaker to replace it.