Volume drops when the bass hits on Anker Soundcore mini

Just recently bought the mini speaker yesterday. I ordered it online. I tested it and the sound quality is very good for the price as well as for the size. However i noticed when my phone is connected via Bluetooth, the sound drops (especially the vocals) when the bass hits in a song. I’m currently using Spotify when I’m doing some testings. tried different phone and i still experienced the issue. Is there anything i can do to solve this? thanks.

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Many SoundCore speakers do have a limiter on them to both manage power usage and to prevent damage to the drivers, but I have really only noticed this on the older Soundcore Sport XL. So, at higher volumes, it is possible that this limiter kicks in when the bass kicks in to protect the speaker.
Personally, I have not noticed it on the Mini 1 or Mini 2, but please feel free to reach out to support@anker.com and they’ll be happy to assist you with this.

Wonder if there is a way to reset it

Was this ever resolved as I’m listening to by Soundcore Mini now and when the bass or kick drum stops, all vocal, instruments, synthesizers, you name it become loud.

BUT as soon as any type of bass or kick drums or any other beat styled sound comes back on, the whole sound drops.

As you say there’s probably a limiter somewhere on these devices but surely there’s a way of switching these off somewhere as it’s our choice how we want our music to sound.

Just sounds pants every time I’m listening to some blinding tunes and then it all drops in sound when the bass hits.