Volume control not working with PC for Premium Bluetooth Speaker

I just bought them. Everything is great and I love them. It works fine with android, but when used with PC, I cannot control it’s volume from computer.

Does anybody face the same problem?

Have you checked this issue by connecting with a cable?

@Varun1 What version of BT is your PC running and is it at the latest driver version (from the BT card manufacturer)?

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Yes, may be the “old” and well known WIN10 problem.

Would be an idea to add this issue and the solution to the manual of all speakers. :grin:

@ndalby Later I realised it’s the incompatibility with AVCRP Absolute Volume introduced in Window 1803.

Disabling it using registry fixed the issue.

@fhassm Maybe they should fix the compatibility issue instead. I think these speaker support flashing new framework using PC, so it’s very doable, and help a ton of users. I can disable absolute volume, but now I am missing a feature that other brand bluetooth speakers offer.

Was only a suggestion and a suppose of mine. :wink:
Sorry I haven’t got a solution, but I don’t use WIN.

All my speakers work fine with LINUX, the volume control
can be made on both sides, though it is a little bit tricky to get bluetooth working properly.

And you forgot to tell us which speaker you are talking about.