VIVA not working correctly in ACURA MDX

I have 2 VIVA units installed and running in 2 cars. The one in my Lexus works pretty good, so I purchased a second unit for my wife’s 2011 Acura MDX. I set it up the same way as my other car with my wife’s phone (same model as mine) and we keep running into a issue with the VIVA jumping back and forth from the sound system and her phone. In other words, the sound goes to her car speakers, then jumps to her phone speaker, then back to her car speakers. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to this issue. Sometimes it will work for 10-15 mins. With no issue, other times in will jump in and out several times in a min.

Do the Acura’s have a known issue with the VIVA’s?

I welcome any feedback any assistance, we are planning on a long trip next week and was hoping to use the VIVA… Not sure it’s a viable solution at this time.


Hi @Carl_Nichols,
As far as sound playing, this mainly happens between your phone and the car (the VIVA kind of acts like a microphone for your phone). If you just play music on the phone without the VIVA (for example, a Pandora station), does the issue still occur?

Yes, the only music I play is Amazon music streaming.


When steaming (Bluetooth) directly from my iPhone to the Acura, I don’t have any issues, works great. This only happens with using the VIVA.


@Carl_Nichols Please try to use the AUX cable to connect your phone to your car to see whether it make any difference?

May I does the sound goes to her car speakers, then jumps to her phone speaker happens every time or it happens when you ask VIVA to play music?

If still have the problem, please send us an email at We will try our best to help you.