Viva discount



Finally, hope it last til Friday at least. Gotta get paid first

Hmmm… Still not the 40% discount that was touted for weeks.


I just got this in my inbox. Might try and get it. But I just bought a new external hard drive, router, and a new internal hard drive all in the last month. I’m a little short on extra cash.

There’s a generation now entering the work world who will not own a car, they live in a dense urban environment and high property prices and just walk or public transport everywhere, they are staring at mobile phones most of the time and probably their time in a car will be when they’re robotically driven as they will become mandatory in cities. We’re seeing this in the major world cities like London, New York. The parking costs alone make it utter financial nonsense.

With increasing urbanisation and congestion from the big boxes of money black holes known as cars I can see this Viva becoming that weird thing you have to explain to the grandkids in future decades. “So you’re telling me you used to sit in a box and tell it where to go and you needed to be told which way to turn the box? I want to see photos, don’t believe it”

I reckon you should buy 2 and keep one unopened will be worth a fortune as a museum peace “when we used to drive”.

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Yea that’s what makes me mad about it all, not even close to what they said we would get…oh wait, it’s 40 percent off the inflated price not the current price.
I still want one but no monies until payday as rent is due Wednesday so my current money is tied up

I got that same email this morning. But as @joshuad11 said, [quote=“joshuad11, post:3, topic:58939”]
Still not the 40% discount that was touted for weeks.

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Regular price is up to $55 on Amazon