"Visited the Community" question

Much like This Poster my visit the community keeps getting bugged. But unlike that post, I have timestamps.

Surely posting a reply counts as visiting @AnkerOfficial , n’est-ce pas?


I did one not too long ago about this.

All point are based on a 24 hour period. So if you visit so 6:03 pm then you will not get a new visit til that 6:03 pm the next day.

I showed a similar examples of where it missed a day or two where it did not give your points for visiting for a day or two. Even though I thought I was on there after the yesterday time. I think it was maybe a few months ago that I reported it.

Anyways I agree that it is an issue but have not analyzed the issue yet.

My initial thought ( which I did not test yet) is that it may be looking at the time instead of the 24 hour total. Say I am on at 603 pmon day 1, day 2 did not get on but day 3 I may have got on at 4:04 and it did not give point til I came back at 6:10.


I never care about any points, if they come its good if not who cares.
There are more important things in our life than points :wink:


It’s buggy, and is not the time issue.

Solve and visit both miss days.


I’ll search up your post. But just commenting on your reply as posted, I can’t speak to whether AS INTENDED refers to a rolling 24 hours or a particular timezone based new day begins. I can say that neither explain even my small sample. My 4 examples span 4 different quarters of the day in 92+% of whole number timezones. 2 of them are from sequential uncredited days displaced from one another by fully 19 hours. The razor says bugged code… a most unsatisfying answer.

Trade me accounts then mr. level 13. lol
Have you entered any power draws? Raffle tickets are only without value if they lose.

Certainly bugged, but thats not a solution. Which time issue?

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Meanwhile there are many Powerdraws can be entered with 1 buck.
And if you enter only those were you really need the prize, there are not so many left. :smile:

And dont forget the more you participate the more bucks and points you get.
To reach a high level need much time and patience.

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The next post down

So there’s an explanation for infrequent activities but no explanation, so a verified bug for frequent, it’s for sure giving half what it should.

not lately. month and a half. at the rate demo’d by these data thats ~125 bucks. Since Thanksgiving.

I really dont know how many bucks and points I got last month.
I was never interested in. :smile:

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Yeah, I read what you’d written on that. Is why I appended UTC timestamps. That was on the post I linked yes?

Yes the system is 24 hours UTC, points seem to arrive faster than bucks, and yes it misses days.

It’s worth pointing out that those who are here more have lost the most so if this were retrospectively corrected I’d gain, as would about 20 others, a couple of thousand bucks.

your contributions to this thread have been appreciated, I’ll certainly reflect on what youve shared. happy new year

Yes it certainly is. Your* lifesblood members are getting hurt the worst, fix the problem or assume they will stick around anyway? Bean counters say offer program renig whenever possible

*Your here is used in the general sense

agree!!! :ok_hand:

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I’m relaxed so long as it’s equally unfair for everyone. It’s been raised before and ignored, as far as I can tell it’s not particularly harming anyone specifically so I’m not pressing the topic.

I just accept it is a bug.

Powerbucks has a long history where it used to reward community-destroying behaviour like just creating threads and liking and replying so good content became lost. So it’s been steadily reduced now to what seems to be working to a bit of fun.

Or did I miss something?



The wold is full of “bugs” and this one is a really more than negligible.

Funny old thing, the point counting @Chiquinho
I must admit, i casually look at it but don’t really “focus” on it until i get close to levelling up.
Although i forget how it feels to level up Franz :rofl:


This used to bother me and one day I just gave up and stopped worrying about the points. I do hope they eventually fix it

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Anker Community

If points is all you are worried about, you are here for the wrong reasons...

Hey @SlyBandit247 long time no speak.
Completely agree.

I recall my early days and at lower levels it was very points orientated for me.
Seeing members at the higher levels and not understanding the original point system makes you hungry to see what its all about.

For me, that tailed off at about level 5 or 6 when i understood a bit more and found my groove.

I think for most forums with a points/level system there’s always an initial rush to climb as high as you can. When the realisation sets in that it takes time and effort many fall by the wayside while others push through and enjoy the community for what it is.

I can appreciate @MrBeauregarde concerns about the points being correct and as it should, mainly because it should be correct. But whether thats important or not, i guess, is down to the individual.