Viewing video evidence

Hi all, I’m looking at buying the eufycam 2 and want to know if the video can exported so as to give a copy to the Police if required


Thanks all for your help

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I don’t own the system, but most security systems have that option. Either something as simple as sending an email, downloading footage to a flash drive, or transferring the files from the SD card.

The Eufy System will allow you to share the footage. Someone will be around shortly to tell the different ways the system will do it.

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I’m not sure what the cloud storage options or costs are as I’m not familiar with the product.

But for some free advice, if you need to present footage admissible in court you will want to ensure the original recording is available.
A copy (downloaded version) is generally regarded as fine to present to the police.
In a serious case, the defendant or the court may request verification of the authenticity of a recording if there is any doubt of tampering.
Being able to present the original recording from the source is often the only way to satisfy this.

@raydon video should be able to be exported via the Eufy Security app just like the gen 1 cams…

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@raydon within eufy security app, you can download the video and share it to anybody using your preferred method.

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