Video Review: Anker Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

Hey all, I have just uploaded my review of the Premium 5-in-1 hub to my youtube channel:

I’ve also posted it to my instagram:



Great video review @Rick_Nunn ! That premium hub looks slick and the fabric case looks good too!


That photo for Instagram is amazing! Kudos on that and the great review. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:

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Awesome video review, liked the product demo and your walkthrough, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Good and informative video you made.
Thank you.

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Awesome video review @Rick_Nunn , thanks for sharing your experiences :thumbsup:

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Great review! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow this is a great video and photo!! Very well done on editing!

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Nice video review @Rick_Nunn

Very good video! Very well filmed!

I like your accent too :sweat_smile:

Great video review m8.

Nice video and photo! Thanks for sharing!

Good review, like the colors. You have a Peter Mckinnon vibe, the European Peter Mckinnon. :joy:

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Thanks everyone!

@dicejedi thanks, yeah ti fees really nice!

@Macgyver15 I love a good flat lay photo!

@cshenoy thanks, I tried to keep it short and to the point

@Shivam_Shah It’s mah jam!

@Anjou1888 Ha, that’s good to hear, it’s very non-geographical English.

@AnkerOfficial No worries

@tugar32 I think Pete & I have a lot of the same interests… coffee, cameras… tech, so it make sense!


Nice video, great review

Great vid and pic, really like your style!