Video mask Eufy cam

is there an option for video mask on the cam.
Now we can see to much from the neigbers


Hi @hapemo

You may wanna read/check/support/participate:

That should be the solution you and many others will need. Eufy just needs to fix it finally!


can you just angle the camera differently?

I know you ask him, but remember that eufy cam got 140° and its not very easy to NOT record any neighbor or public places. No matter how you change the angle.

Depending on the situation though it maybe easier to do than not, and may have just not been thought of.

THe ability to “black out” parts of the feed is a good idea, but will probably take a while to be implemented even if added to the roadmap.

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That will be the next level of the activity zones, but the current activity zones as is are not very efficient, so it will be long before they even think of this kind of solution.

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I requested this a LONG time ago as it’s a legal matter in Europe

Nothing from Eufy

They seem to think that the whole world is America when it comes to how things work


Today the police were here because my neighbor complained because we are probably filming her.
I know how the activity zones work, so I would also like to have a video mask on it so that I can uncheck my neighbors.


Just forward the police and federal officers to the european HQ of anker :oncoming_police_car:

:sunglasses::joy::joy: haha haha

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Eufy may need to put the disclaimer on their product saying buy at your own risk LOL :joy:

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… and also readable in the small print:
“We promise a lot, then we fail and do not realize it and try to hush it up and hope nobody takes notice”