Video launching at startup


I want to start a video at startup (of Android 7.1 / Nebula Mars II)

I used tasker to launch an action at startup.

I want to use the official Anker video player “com.oceanwing.player”. It does an incredible good job at repeating small video loop smoothly.

Is there a way to add in command line the path to the video I want to play ?

For example com.oceanwing.player -d /myvideopath.mp4

No, I’m afraid. There is a workaround that we suggest you copy the video in a flash drive and insert the flash drive to loop the video that you want to play.

I manage to make it work !

Install Total Commander, open a video with it and set the official Anker video player as default player.

Then in Tasker, create a new task that execute at startup.

As a task, load an App : Total Commander
Editing this action, the second line as “data” put :