Video editors help

So I was recording some videos to post up here and upon watching them I realized

  1. I breathe really heavy and the mic picks it up like crazy
  2. Because i breathe heavy i sound all nasaly
  3. I really need to start editing my videos because its annoying having to listen to someone’s heavy breathing while they do a review and what not.

So calling all video editors what can I do to eliminate or minimize this? Someone mentioned adjust the tone of the video but even still I’m at a loss. What program should I use and how can I either eliminate the nasaly and heavy breathing or what can I do?

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Use proper microphone technique and invest in good mic with pop filter.

If you dont have pop filter try crosstalk, dont talk directly and too close to the mic but on off angle.

Speak loudly then usual. Dont increase sensitivity to max just to compensate the low volume of your voice just speak louder.

In good situation the mic should not pick the room noise floor but only your voice.

PS. I accidently deleted my last post so I am posting it again.

I should add this is all recorded with a cell phone, my gopros are still boxed up from the move

I think the title should be “Audio editors help” not video editors :joy: Audio is a beast of its own. It is very difficult to try to correct. On the other hand, video is a little easier with color grading and all, but still takes a lot of work to perfect.


You could adjust the audio channel level (depending on the programs being used for video production) with a bit of trickery to reduce the background noise, improve clarity etc to an extent but outside of a professional mic…I would recommend recording your footage then narrating over the video after you have spliced the segments together…allows for multiple takes without messing up the main footage recorded…



I agree with @ndalby, it is sometimes easier to narrate the video after you finish recording the video. I’m a fan of the Blue Snowball iCE microphones.

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All good tips here, specially the separation between audio and video recording. Without a proper environment and equipment, it’s tricky to achieve good results.

I would add, as an alternative, a cheap lapel mic to improve your audio recording if you are to keep using your phone.

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Thanks for the ideas and tips, I’ll try removing the audio and create a separate voice over for the video. I’ll also break out my gopro because this phone recording is crap, lol

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