Video doorbell wifi problems

We had problems setting up our new wireless doorbell, and eventually, after about 4 hours, got it setup when we changed from my Huawei phone to my husband’s Samsung. Literally a few minutes later we can no longer see the doorbell in the app. Is this a wifi issue - and if so what can we do to fix it? Or do we just return for refund and find something else that will work??

Hi, welcome to the community. I don’t own this, so cannot be that helpful but if I had this product and error like this I’d :slight_smile:

Either wait for someone else who owns to come along, and/or go to this more specialised community. It is New Year eve then a weekend and so might be slower official response so may need to be patient.

I have heard if you delete the app and install it again that fixes problems. Since you initially set it up on one phone, you have to invite another person (or device) to be able to see the doorbell. From you switching it could have gotten crossed somewhere along the way. Try that and if not, you may have to contact eufy support or head over to the eufy forum.

I have no had this issue personally with my wireless doorbell, and I have had it replaced and the setup went really smoothly.

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I changed devices and did not have issues with the panel n tilt cams. We are assuming the logged back into to view the doorbell. I am assuming that the doorbell is the same