VeryI have low to no volume now on soundsync drive, worked well for long time

A few weeks ago the volume went away on my soundsync drive. Sometimes if I turn radio volume way up and have phone volume at max I can barely hear but can’t hear at all if volume at normal level.
Have tried reconnecting power, have deleted soundsync from phone and added and connected again and again but nothing so far helps.
Any suggestions?

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Hi @larryadams1,
It might help to pull out the audio cable or wiggle it around in the aux port to see if the connection is bad. If all else fails, please reach out to with a description of your issue and your order number. Thanks!


Thanks but I have wiggled audio cable around in the aux port and have plugged and unplugged as well as power supply.
I don’t have my order number any longer as I have had this for quite a while now.
Larry Adams

I would check your account where you ordered it as most places keep track of your order history for warranty purposes, and then reach out to support. Even if j cam find it they would best be able to help you troubleshoot your issues

Try re- pairing it with your phone

  1. Bluetooth settings
  2. Forget device
    3.reconnect device
    I have had identical issues with an iHome Bluetooth speaker a few years ago and these steps would solve the problem for a few months at a time. You might also try clearing the catch in the Bluetooth app settings
    Settings≥applications≥Bluetooth≥clear cache
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