Very weak wireless network from homebase to EverCam?

I got my set few days ago and was very happy to finally hold it in hands after half a year, actually even more since I signed in to the project. No problem at all, as I new this before, and as I was so impressed by how far better the Evercam will be compared to the Arlo Pro even, which I tested before, and battery life plus price, nothing was holding me back.

Now talking about my first experience with the Evercam, which is partly good, but unluckily some major aspects turned out pretty bad, killer facts for me.

So regarding the positive aspects, I guess everyone is aware of what we all expected, like good quality, nice packaging, and really great: the easy installation, where everything just went straight forward and worked right away. Very happy here, as I read about some trouble before.
The only thing I had to do was to restart the home base after the update, as it would not let me add any cams. After a restart, all fine.
3 cameras added, parameter defined, all great.

Cannot tell anything about battery life after a day of course, but here is where my trouble starts, making the system useless to me by only 2 major point:

  1. Wireless distance from cam to home base: even in about 10m distance, going from living room via kitchen through the outside wall to the cam, I do have intermittent cut-offs of the signal. What??? This is stone age. This way, not even my not really big house can be covered. Not talking about my garage that I wanted to have cam-secured too. It‘s 20-25m away, a few walls in between…no way, no signal. Very disappointing.
    And yes, my home base is located pretty much central inside the house.
    I am pretty sure this will be the killer for me, as this cannot be improved by an update I guess.

  2. The outside mounts are very hard to align and get tightened. They feel good at first, but do not really work out too well in handling. Cam is loose, or tilted when really tightening the mounts. Not too well.

Any thought welcome, but I think I will have to return tihese cams, as I cannot use them this way.

How to go from here, Eufy support?
I really cannot use the cams this way at all, and would like to return them for a refund.

Thanks for any input, and do not get me wrong: I do not want to bash the product. It‘s awesome in general and the price is fair, but it‘s missing primary technical details right now, especially compared to the main competitor always talked about, the Arlo Pro.


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It’s been reported that Eufy are bringing a range extender to market in Q1 of 2019 due to several reports of limited wireless / reduced range. Your best course of action would be to liaise direct with Eufy support for your issues either via Kickstarter or direct via email

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We are actually going to be releasing a software update, so that the cams can get more range. Not only this, but we will be releasing wi-fi repeaters in Q1 of next year, to add even more distance!

Would you be able to take some pictures of where you are attempting to mount them, we may be able to provide some insight!

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I also found that the exterior mount doesn’t tighten well, cam slowly moves, the interior mount holds the cam in position better

But the indoor mount cannot supply the angle I need.
And yes, the outdoor mount does exactly the same here, it either moves or, if tightened all the way, the cams orientation is off.

Thank you, Anker Support, but I am not keen on investing more money for getting a poor range extended to the range I need and expected, at least around the house. And especially as this would need to at least double the current range to work for the garage. Can you do this really? If so, why not right from the start?
What‘s the goal for the range extension firmware version in factor? Then I could know if it‘s worth waiting or will not fullfil my needs anyway.
Thanks again for chiming into this.

Yeah the outdoor mount is not great… It feels like the connection to the camera is loose, but if you fully tighten it you lose the angle.