Very low bluetooth volume on all connected devices to capsule MAX

Hi, i’ve been trying for ages to find a bluetooth device that works well with this, my preference was my Galaxy buds pro but the volume it sends to them is less that half my phone and tablet send making them pretty unusable, i’ve now found this with every device i’ve connected it to though.

All devices work well enough but they all have to be at max volume on the projector, some are still too quiet and some are distorted slightly when at full volume. If I connect the same device then to my phone or tablet its night and day different volume levels, problem more than twice as loud, something must be wrong here, right?

There’s at least 3 places volume is set.

The volume button on the Max itself, a volume setting within the app and volume on the speaker.

If you set the Max volume low and the speaker volume high you’re more likely to get distortion.

I have the Max, what app are you using? I’ll see if I can do some pictures. I usually use iPlayer and Netflix, I’ll try both. I have say the Motion+ speaker which is a great speaker I’ll test.

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I’ve tried iPlayer on my Max and Motion+ and can get it extremely loud no problem.

In this example I found two places I could affect performance, one was in the Nebula connect app there’s a slider upper right move to right for more volume. In the screenshot it’s set to just under half volume.

The projector shows as I use the app the volume changes.

I paired my Motion+

I could alter volume in the app and on the speaker buttons

So in those two places I had the options and I could not take it to maximum as it’s too loud and I’d annoy someone in the house.

I also tried Netflix and there’s a volume button top right but I couldn’t find a way to affect it

So I don’t know what is going awry in your setup. I looked around Nebula settings for anything related to volume, the idea I have is I know sometimes in Android there’s an absolute volume setting but it’s not showing on this projector, I could probably nose around Developer Mode options to look but you’ve not enabled Developer Mode then yours should be behaving exactly as mine is i.e. there’s one volume on Max and one on speaker and between you should be able to get plenty loud enough as I can.

If you did happen to have the speaker paired at the same time with another device I know absolute volume can get in the way. If that’s the situation then toggle absolute volume to other than current setting. Simplest is to avoid dual-connection and turn speaker off / on between devices.

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Hi, I’m currently using the same settings are yourself, the issue not that I cant change the volume but there is a massive discrepancy between the volume output by the projector compared to my phone or tablet. Set at the loudest volume on the projector and on my tablet, playing the same movie in plex its more than twice as loud coming out of my tablet or phone than on the projector, something is very wrong here and its no my buds, all my bluetooth devices are much lower volume through the projector.

However you may only notice this if you pair your own bluetooth speaker to you phone or tablet and compare them as your bluetooth speaker probably has enough power to make up the shortfall in volume. for instance I have a 2.1 bluetooth speaker set I sometimes use when its not late at night, this has lots of volume headroom so I can amplify the sound further.

That’s the only difference between us. I’d look at Plex settings.

I’m sure you’ll kick yourself when figuring out. I only know I can get it plenty loud.