Very informative BT 5.0 vs BT 4.2 video from AndroidAuthority

I came across this video explaining the differences between Bluetooth 5.0 VS Bluetooth 4.2 from Android Authority earlier and thought with all of the new products being released by Soundcore some of you would be interested.


Good resource!
It should be noted that the advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 need for “two-way” compatibility. This means that in addition to your audio device must have Bluetooth 5.0, your mobile phones also must support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, so it will achieve the best results.:sunglasses:

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Lucky for me I have a note 8 with BT 5.0😉 but very good point.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve wondering what the differences and just didn’t want to research it.

Nice video. I wish he’d said something about connecting to multiple speakers.
The S8 with BT5 could, but an iPhone 8/X with BT5 cannot…