Vent mount tips and tricks?

Hints on making the magnetic vent mount work just a bit better.

My first is, stick the magnetic strip to the case rather than the phone. This, unless you move from case to case regularly - though the strips are often removable and more than one comes with the unit. Less bulk on the phone when you take it out of the case, and fewer markings on the phone itself.

I was thinking of getting one of these but previously had a magnetic mount from another company and my phone kept falling. How often does your phone fall with this Anker mount (if at all?) how powerful is the magnet?

Like Tod said it’s better to stick the strips to the case rather then phone. I had to experiment with it with my Spigen case. It works great when it’s on the on case but when I try to hide it between the case and the phone it would fall if I run over bumps. So I just stick it on the case since those stickers are very easy to replace and cheaper then replacing my phone lol

I had extra metal plates from other magnet mounts and on my fathers s5 w/otterbox defender case… I placed 2 of these plates in between the plastic and rubber of the case and it holds up well. The more metal you have the better the hold. So if your phone isn’t staying on well with the metal plate attached on the outside of a case, try to glue another one over it if you have one. The magnets are strong… the issue is the thin metal… which works with most devices but some heavier ones suffer.

PS…“stop on your right foot, don’t forget it”

Can’t say I’ve had any issues with just the plate in the case (without sticking).

When using my phone as a dash camera I do tend to have it resting near the dial curve of my dash for better stabilization, can also help with large pot holes etc sans dash camera.