Various models of Anker Phone Cases $3.99

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AnkerDirect via Amazon has Anker Phone Cases for iPhone 6/6S, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X (various styles) on sale for $3.99 each when you apply promo code
Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+

Promo code ANKERP399
Works on following models…

iPhone X
KARAPAX Breeze Case Soft TPU Cover Shell $3.99
KARAPAX Breeze Case Soft TPU Protective Case $3.99
KARAPAX Shield Case Soft TPU Cover $3.99
KARAPAX Touch Case Matte Finish Flexible Soft Gel TPU Cover Shell $3.99
KARAPAX Shield+ Dual Layer Good Grip Case $3.99
KARAPAX Rise Case with 360° Rotating Kickstand $3.99

iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus
KARAPAX Breeze Texture Protective Case $3.99
KARAPAX Semi-Transparent Ice Case w/ Hard Back & Soft Bumper $3.99
KARAPAX Rise Hybrid Heavy-Duty Case with 360° Rotating Kickstand $3.99

iPhone 7/8
Ice-Case Lite Clear Cover Protective Case w/ Hard Bumper Frame and Enhanced Grip (Black) $3.99
Ice-Case Lite Clear Protective Slim Case Cover Soft TPU Back w/ Hard Bumper (Rose Gold) $3.99
Ice Case w/ Semi-Transparent Hard Back & Soft Bumper $3.99

iPhone 6/6S
Ultra Protective Case with Built-in Clear Screen Protector (Grey/White) $3.99
Ultra Protective Case with Built-in Clear Screen Protector (Blue/Navy Blue) $3.99


Wow! Excellent price! Super duper cheap! I’m trying to upgrade my phone so I don’t see a case for the XS…

Great deals!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Respectfully, WTF?


:grin: thats something

Thats quite interesting…

On a random side note. I think the reason several people have commented that they don’t think I speak English natively, is because I can’t type well, and almost never proofread my messages. For instance, above I almost wrote “that quite interesting” which I could definitely see someone who speaks English as there second language saying. I think I’m beginning to understand :joy:

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Interesting. I have the Karapax Silk case for the 8 Plus, but the silicon texture isn’t my favorite. I’ll have to check these out!

Awesome deals for cases, too bad they don’t have any for my new shinny S10+ :sweat:
I don’t usually use cases on my phones but for the first couple of weeks I put them in one just in case

Anker should make S9 plus cases :sunglasses::wink:

These are some nice deals. Has anyone tried what the lite cases are like for the iPhone 7/8?

Cut, Paste, Click…

@Chiquinho and there’s little old me working my butt off to get to level 11 just like you are

Are these deals for the UK aswell?

@MSTR I looked on our Amazon and couldn’t see them on there just the American ones offered by the global store.

Lemme know if you find any. :slight_smile:

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I’d love for Anker to make another battery pack case for the Xs

I assume Anker will lay off Karapax in the future. So this might be the last sale until they have no products left

She’s a woman of few words :grin:

In fairness @Daiross has been here since roughly the beginning and does expand on posts when she feels the need…personally prefer at least some interaction with the community rather than some accounts that cut and run once the prizes have been given out


@ndalby Thank you for being a considerate person, I’m grateful.

We are all here for the same reason, we are lovers of technology and we like to share!


I’ve just gotten a case S10, sadly it wasn’t an Anker related one.

Mind, if Anker did do stickers, I’d add one to the case.

Personally, having survived 26 years of never breaking a phone, i suggest these days everyone uses a case/bumper for their phones. Even more so now theyre touching 1,000 that’s just about a fifth of my annual income!

And yes, I choose to get one still. I need a mobile phone, and I don’t see the point in paying a wack on a cheap phone… I’ve never done PAYG, always contract.

Back to topic, I think with how fragrance phones have become, a case is so important.

I really hope anker releases stickers soon :blush:

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