Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner

With February right around the corner, either you’ve already planned out how the 14th will go or it’s still the last thing on your mind. Although there’s nothing wrong with being in the latter category—isn’t spontaneity a must-have characteristic of any bachelor or bachelorette in those rom-com movies?—it’s always nice to have some help during a holiday.

So whether you’re the type to start planning weeks in advance for Valentine’s Day or prefer being a last-minute romantic, eufy has designed e-cards and prepared gifts to let your Valentine know “you’re the one for me”.

Between January 24th - February 14th, go to to send Valentine’s cards to up to 6 people! Don’t have the time to pick out cards for 6 people? Not a problem! You just have to pick the one you like, write who you want to send it to, and then it will be ready to send out automatically on February 14!

Oh, and you’ll also be entered to win a great prize from eufy!

If you haven’t sent one out in years or really just didn’t have any time to go to a Hallmark store, then these keyboard + no-postage-needed versions are perfect. Or, if you’ve already prepared 10 cards for your Valentine this year, then hey what’s another card to give!

And, at the very least, sending these cards will help to ensure that you won’t be spending the night in the living room with RoboVac.

Prizes available:

US: MiracleBlend D1, eufy Genie, Starlit String Lights

UK: RoboVac 30C, Lumos Smart Bulb, Lumi Stick-On Night Light

DE: RoboVac 30C, Lumos Smart Bulb, Lumi Stick-On Night Light

5 of then 228 total prizes available are reserved for Community members to win!

Best of luck, and much love from eufy. <3

Winner Announcement

Hey eufy Fans,

Did you enjoy a lovely Valentines’ Day with the one you love? We have received the eufy Valentine’s Day e-card from our very sweet community members! Thank you!

The lucky 5 community members who can get a eufy Valentine’s Day gift are:

Congratulations! A confirmation email will be sent within one week. And stay tuned for more contests on the community! :heart_exclamation:


I can’t remember the last time I sent an e-Card! It’s definitely convenient! :joy:
Although, I don’t know if the SO will accept it instead of an actual card… :thinking:


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Done and done, thank you and good luck!

Great giveaway! :clap:

Is the eufy one same as the ankers one?

Woot woot, done entered… Thankfully you had a card that worked for us.

YES! Done! Thank you!

@AnkerOfficial I tried sending the message for the very first time from my iPhone, got the error “sorry you have sent many eCards already”, but this is the first time I ever tried on the Anker US site for Valentine’s ecard. Can you please check :slight_smile:

You are not alone, like me, there were others too.
Hope they fix it, but I am sure they will.

Looking forward to this. Heard good things about this robovac!

Looks like Eufy and Soundcore both have Valentine’s event, tried both with Mobile and Desktop browsers, both show the same error,

:heart_eyes: Thanks Anker!!

That’s weird. When I go to the US link and filled then submitted it, I get this …

It’s my first one! LOL.


Fingers crossed everyone :crossed_fingers:t2:

Many of us have faced the same, hope Anker fixes the issue

Thank you Anker! You are awesome!

Add me to the list of someone who hasn’t sent one yet and get the exceeded maximum number of e-cards allowed…

I love it! These cards are adorable, and the prizes are incredible! Would love a Robovac. :stuck_out_tongue: