Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Does your lover want a PowerCore II?

Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is ready! Head on over to our event page (US, UK, Germany) to save up to 40% off the latest and greatest gifts for that special someone in your life.

Did you find your heart’s desire Anker fans? Let us know what sweet electronic treats you’d like to see in future guides, and what you managed to score this time around.

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or snuggled up with your favorite person in the world this Valentine’s Day, know that you’re all special to us!

Power On!


No great deal for me. But I hope someone can use them


Some nice deals there if you’re looking to add to your Anker collection.

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40% off zolo Liberty?

I’m going to pick up a 6ft lightning cable. Those are some nice deals. Darn it, still want the Flare. Maybe when I’ve saved up some money.

Nice deals! :clap:

Wish they had their newest PowerPort Atom PD 1 on sale. Maybe next time :+1:

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Want the capsule so I’ll wait for the deals and zolo Liberty/soundcore liberty lite

Any ideas from a good Valentines present for her?

Wish there was a USB C adapter with an SD card reader… that would have been perfect.

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Perhaps some flowers :+1: but I don’t think Anker sells those lol

Looks like the Roav Jump Starter Pro is only $10 more than the non-pro on this sale! Good time to pick up a battery pack to jump your car in the unfortunate event of a dead battery.

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Why I didn’t see it earlier? I always had an especial attitude to Valentine’s day and it’s always a problem to find something interesting as a present. Indeed, for me to find a good gift for my soul mate is a ritual. It must be something unusual, helpful, and needless, beautiful, and nicely decorated with a gift wrapping. Frankly speaking, I find some celebration chocolate covered strawberries this year. To tell the truth, I think that sweets are good in everyday life as a sign of attention, but for an event, I chose the entire gift basket for him with a bottle of whiskey, gourmets, and others. We always give each other good gifts and he was delighted and value it.

There is always next year lol

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Hi @Maryllee.start! As @ikari04warrior said, there is always next year :+1: Stick around and you will find more good deals.

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