Valentine’s Day Deals Start Now! | Get Yours Today

Valentine’s day is almost upon us! Now is the season for showing the loved ones in your life how much they mean to you.

Have you found the perfect gift for your better half yet? If not, no need to fear, Anker is here!

Feel free to take a look at our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. There lots of awesome deals on offer: from portable and wireless chargers, to wireless earphones, smart speakers, and even Nebula Capsule! Just grab a (free) coupon and save up to 50%!

Wishing you the sweetest Valentine’s Day, with much love to all our Anker fans.

AnkerOfficial <3 :hugging:

P. S. Buy One, Get One Free deals are also available in the gift guide. Buy one product, and receive its destined partner for FREE!


US only :cry:


The Genie starter kit at $40 is a good deal. (Genie + 2 Lumos Smart Bulbs)

yep :’( Anker show more love in the UK plsssss!!!

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I want and I need to have the nebula capsule :heart_eyes:

Some cracking deals there - that genie starter kit looks like a great buy.

Just a pity it’s for US only

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@Flubber @AndreC @k_pug2003 Agreed!

For the deal on the micro USB cables, the text description says "PowerLine Micro USB [3 pack] but the picture shows 5 cables. Which is it?


So I followed the link and it takes me to a sales page for the 5 pack :slight_smile: However, the picture is the same as the one on Ankers Amazon’s page for the 1x1’, 2x3’, 1x6’, and 1x10’

Whereas the 2x1’, 2x3’, 1x6’ is shown to be a little cheaper on Ankers Amazon page.

Just pointing out some inconsistencies.

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I did try and buy it from site but couldn’t change address field from United States to United Kingdom :joy:

Is this Canada as well?

Have you been on the drink? :thinking:

I would totally get something if it wasn’t for that pesky “US only”… :expressionless:

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How come you only give away lightening leads?

Is this to stop usb-c users from buying it?

Huh, I’ve never seen that projector before. Looks cool.


Nice deals!