Using PowerHouse 120000 as UPS

I didn’t buy PowerHouse 120000, but I wonder if it can be used as an UPS, so I can keep it connected to the AC mains and have the battery power kick in only if the AC mains is cut off. Maybe, this can be added as an option by using a switch or something like that.

Also, the PowerHouse 120000 I saw on Anker’s website doesn’t support 220V AC UK output and other international AC output sockets. Maybe, we can use a modular AC output socket.

I doubt it. UPS has to be a stated capability, it does not mention it.

UPS involves a very fast switching from top-up charging to discharge.

I have bought 3 UPS over the last 10 years in response to growing power outages, currently 13000KVA, and they are advertised as UPS. The Powerhouse is not advertised as UPS, it only mentions a portable generator. The sort of thing I’d expect is it does not support pass-thru, it will not allow its output ports to work while connected to input power.

If you want a UPS, buy one. The use of lead-acid cells does afford a lower cost in my experience. Lithium cells cost more but are denser so more for portabability.

Personally I think you’d be an idiot to buy any of these now, you’d be better off buying some Anker flashlights, an Anker Powercore 26800 (or two) and keep a bag of ice in your freezer let your freezer get warm slowly and defrost food slowly and eat the food in sequence and eventually move to tinned / dried food and a gas powered heater. Portable devices now are pretty good off USB and USB Powercore are significantly lower cost than a Powerhouse.

Currently in my house I have:

  • an APC UPS 13000kVA which powers the Wifi and a small server for media.
  • everyone has a laptop, 8 hours battery life, but they are mostly on AC so will go flat and need AC to recharge
  • everyone has a tablet, USB.
  • everyone has a cellphone, USB.
  • we have about 100Wh of Powercore, from the Mini+ to a 26800mAh, USB for the tablets and cellphones
  • every room has an Anker Flashlight
  • every room has the Anker motion-sensing stick-on lights placed in lines between the places you’d be walking so you don’t need a flashlight to move around
  • two freezers, the front-opening type and the top-opening type, a bag of ice in them and we have a cooler box if we have to move out of the house we take the ice bag and food, they will keep fresh food going for ~ 3 days, then its to tinned/dried
  • alcohol stove, these do heat+cooking at a low burn rate without any fumes, they make water as a by-product, for cooking / heating indoors.
  • gas powered external cooker for cooking outdoors.
  • two 21W solar panels if the problems last more than a few days, these keep at least the cellphones going after all the Powercores are drained, although in reality I’d be recharging Powercores right away with solar.
  • about 2 weeks of water, assumption is the emergency services kick in if its longer than that.