Using older Anker chargers with USB-C

Anyone had any experience using USB-C with older non-C chargers like Power Point 5, Power Point 2 or the Power Drive 2?

I’m about to take delivery of a Google Pixel-XL phone but want to continue using those three chargers. I’m concerned the phone may be damaged. I have ordered cables with the 56K resistor supposed to provide phone protection.


My chargers work fine for my brother’s Nexus 5X. Just need a good USB-A to C charging cable. I got my brother the Cable Matters USB-A to C back when the whole USB-C resistor thing was going on and it works fantastic. Registers as fast charging so that means the phone can take full advantage of the 2.4amp charger. I also have a PowerDrive 2 and his phone charges perfectly fine with it.

I use the Powercore 20K QC3 and PowerDrive Speed QC with my Pixel and it is fine. Some of Ankers cables are not capable of rapid charging the pixel however. So I tend to use the google USB A-C that came with the phone.

Hoping that Anker will release some USB C A-C cables that will rapid charge the Pixel soon.

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