Using Netflix

I just got my nebula Astro and I installed Netflix but when I go on the app I can’t use the remote with it and I do not know why.


Dont use Netflix! :wink:

Ryan ( @TechnicallyWell) should know better.

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Can’t you do better? I don’t own, you do. Others I know it’s their 5am now.

I dont use Netflix.
But I read some featues can be only used by the applicati0on.
Try that, please.

You can use the remote but you have to learn how to use it. Its best if you use the nebula app on your phone as you can navigate much easier with it than the remote.

But personally, I spent the time and fount the direction keys work best for navigating Netflix content and then hitting “ok” when I want to select something

That’s a weird issue. I have the Astro as well and I can use the remote fine

The Nebula projectors seem to utilize the phone/tablet version of the Netflix app. Therefore, it’s designed for a touch interface which is why the Nebula app is required. Sorry, I’m not sure why the TV-version of the Netflix app (which is designed for remotes) is not loaded on the projectors.

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Amy updates @Voronko.e