Using Car Media Display with Roav Viva

I’m thinking of purchasing a Roav Viva and would like to know if the song details would appear on the Car Media display when you use this device.


In my experience with an iPhone: yes. If your car’s display can currently show the song details from your phone when an app (like Pandora) is playing music, then it should work with the Roav Viva as well.

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I’m using Android and yes I do get basic info about a song from Pandora. Same with Amazon. It’s only text, no album art like I get on my phone.

Great, thanks.

My 2012 F250 shows songs BUT, the roav viva app will ask you how you connect phone to vehicle radio, Either Bluetooth to radio or BT to viva. I use BT to radio and it shows all song info and viva still works fine for alexa stuff through stereo

The Roav Viva is working well for me in most respects, and I do get some song information on my car screen whether I’m connected by Bluetooth or USB. This includes the song title, artist, and album art. However, the album title is always missing, indicating “(No data)”… This seems to be a bug that I reported to customer service last month. I also notice that the remaining duration of a song always starts at 47 minutes and counts down from there, rather than from the song’s actual duration. The elapsed progress time of the song is shown correctly, however.