Using both FM Transmitter and GPS Device?

Hi. I recently purchased a new Roav FM Transmitter, and my concern, that admittedly I didn’t think of, is powering both my Garmin GPS device AND the transmitter, as they both plug into the car’s battery charger and neither can be charged by USB cord or anything. When I unplug the GPS device, it loses power after only about 30 minutes or so. Quite simply, has anyone figured out a way (using an additional product or whatever) to do this? Is there any way of dealing with this that I’m just not thinking of? Would still love to find a way to make this work! Thank you.

Does Garmin GPS charge unit plug into Cigarette lighter port similar to Roav FM transmitter device?

What is the Garmin GPS model? Does it not power up / charge via the Roav FM transmitter Power IQ ports?

If not, you may try the cigarette port splitter like this

Hi. Thanks for the response. First of all, yes, the Garmin plugs into the same space (the lighter port) that the Roav plugs into – that’s the problem!

The Garmin is an old model (bought refurbished) – the 58LM. But I don’t think it would be different with any other model. I’m not sure what you mean about the Roav Power IQ ports. If you mean its USB ports, no, apparently it HAS to be connected to the 12V Cigarette charger.

As for your last point, the splitter is exactly what I’m starting to think about. I didn’t mention it before because when I spoke to Garmin, they said that their products will NOT work with a splitter. After doing further research, though, such as Amazon reviews, it looks like many people do, in fact, power a Garmin device with a splitter. So, maybe that’s just something Garmin’s employees are told to say? If so, yes, that would probably be my best (and probably only) solution. Thanks again.

Is the Garmin charger hardwired from GPS to the charger - single cable+ molded charger…? If yes - then you will have to use the Splitter. I used the splitter earlier for my previous car, about 4 years ago with similar condition as you, and it did work.

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