Using ATOM PD to Charge Nintendo Switch and Stream Basketball

Hi all,

I have two specific ATOM PD meterings to share:

Nintendo Switch

I charged my switch from 0% with the Atom PD and it did not harm it. I know it’s not officially licensed, but there doesn’t appear to be any problem with using the ATOM PD to charge the Switch. It pulled 11w when not in use:

It was able to play right away, even though it had been fully dead, and it pulled 14.6 while being played:

I also charged the switch with the Powercore speed 20000 PD the other day, but failed to take a picture. Neither of these chargers had negative effects on the switch.

Streaming Basketball with a Chromebook

Watching March Madness last night, I needed to stream the Oregon/Virginia game because I don’t get TBS over the air. So I used the Atom to charge the chromebook through the Anker 3-in-1 hub (WHICH I LOVE), which was also sending the video to the TV through HDMI:

The Asus flip C302, which ships with a 45w charger, pulled 17.88w through the ATOM and the 3-in-1 hub. That’s more than enough to keep the chromebook running, but obviously not going to fill the battery. I neglected to put the atom into the other USB C port to see if it would charge any faster without the hub in between.

Anyway, I’m loving the ATOM, and thought I would share what I’ve been using it for. It really is capable of being the charger that rules them all, especially with the USB-C to Lighting Cable to bring your apple products into the fold. I JUST got one yesterday for testing, expect a review soon!


Cool Review, good pictures. Great to see those readings. Also cool shades :sunglasses:

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