Using a small power bank as a "UPS" for an internal surveillance camera

I have this wacky idea (see subject header). My Reolink C1 Pro has a USB power cable. I have successfully run the camera for 3.5 hours from a cheap power bank that I own but, like many devices, it is unable to power the camera while it is itself being charged

Is there an Anker power bank that will allow passive passthrough (I think that’s what it is called) so that it could be left in circuit with the camera and provide a mini “UPS” service to the camera in the event of a mains power failure. I am based in the UK, so need something that suits a UK power outlet

Could that work?

And would the power bank be able to tolerate 24/7 connection to a power outlet?

BTW, I know about PoE cameras but I can’t use them in my environment, sadly.

Hi @paul.b , while your idea is principally sound, only the PowerCore Fusion (US) supports pass through charging. More information can be found here as to why none of the others have this ability;

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The power core Fusion has a slight one second or so delay from when the power turns off to when the power bank will power on. I know because this subject has been discussed before.

I am not so sure the Fusion will work seamlessly as in certain situations you have to press the power button.

If you really want a UPS then buy an explicit UPS.

I use Anker plenty of places which is:

  • stick-on battery powered lights for dark adjusted eyesight moving.
  • flashlights LC40/90/130 for power outages.
  • Powercore for recharging phones
  • solar for the zombie apocalypse situations (camping actually)
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OK, thanks guys.

Consider using the APC CP12142LI. I use it for my router, switch, etc. It provides hours of backup time for these kinds of small devices, and is designed for this purpose.