Useless Web Portal for eufycam

Now that there is a increase in eufycam users, it might get some reasonable answers.

  1. How many users log in to web portal?
  2. What do you get out of it?

My initial thinking is when I get access to web portal, I can view the streaming and events on my computer along with the phone. And I can download the videos I need on my computer. But not happening.

  1. Because I am not paying for monthly cloud subscription, (one of the reason for choosing eufycam over other brands)
  2. Even streaming is useless as it log me out of my app and I need to log in again everytime I use web, what is the point??

What do you think and does this feature any good for you??


great questions, so what does the eufyCam Web Portal actually provide then?

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Without a subscription only live view is available

Not tried it personally

I think that it’s appalling that it hasn’t got 2 step verification


@Ice1 Good pointing out the useless and unloving web portal and good questions.
But i doubt you will get answers from @AnkerSupport

In my eyes, they just made/published it, to “have it” and to try to get more subscriptions. That’s it.

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Any idea what is this “Video clip backup tool” ?? how is it different than a webportal??
Probably this might be the solution for viewing and backup the videos that you want on your computer, without paying for cloud subscription??

If that is the case, I am anxiously waiting for this feature to be launched.


Recent EUFY user, I just checked the web portal, and I have to admit I am disappointed.
I got the system so I could run without a Cloud Subscription, and apparently without it you cannot visualize recording.
I am not sure the excuse of encryption is a valid one. If the App can why would the web portal cannot??
Also, why is the Portal using the Flash Player, a known security risk and app that is banned by most browsers??

Any hopes the above will change in the future?


Was wondering the same myself, only recently logged on using the web browser and was surprised by it requiring a flash applet…especially as HTML5 and the like are commonplace now…


I am okay even if they work on a Windows 10 App, which does exactly same as what current iOS app is doing.

Most companies have already discovered that it’s a waste of developer resources to make desktop only softward. Desktop apps are OS dependent so you end up having to make them for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Linux users.

I wish @ankersupport would just recommend to the engineering team that a full-featured web portal is all we need…desktop is pointless in today’s environment.

Theres a lot that wouldn’t be possible using a web interface that would be possible with a proper program, I would agree with you on quite a few products but not this one