Useless Anker Vertical mouse 2.4GHz wireless

Used the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse for 4 days.
Done with it.
The 2 buttons near the thumb don’t work in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Whatsapp Desktop, Signal Desktop (just zero response. Nothing).

I asked Anker support for the settings software. There isn’t any.
Their answer: These buttons can’t be programmed.
I’m not even asking for programming but a simple standard Page Up Page down in all applications (at least) would be much appreciated.

They work in browsers… as going back and forward in history of websites… Not even page up page down.

The mouse may feel a bit ergonomic, but what’s the point if you still have no “shortcuts”, dear Anker?

So, what is the point then of these two buttons on the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse?

Never ever had such a piece of crap.

On to Logitech then, with endless settings possibilities for EACH button.

Too bad Anker. Like having a car without wheels.
Anyone else any solution (and NO, I don’t want to use third party software for solving Ankers problem)?

First of all If your using windows, you can go Into settings and program these buttons and also set them to function for all apps.
Second, learn to check Google on how to do something instead of bashing a product because you cannot figure out how to make it work or do what you want.

No, the Windows settings only apply to the main 2 buttons (index finger and middle finger) and the scroll wheel.
Windows settings don’t show anything in regards to the useless 2 buttons near the thumb.

There is always a possibility to “program” those buttons.
You have to check the mouse program under MS Windows.

I have an wired ANKER mouse since 10 years.
All is fine, but its LINUX!

I checked the funcionality of those two buttons, its OK, but its LINUX
( I mentioned already)

Windows 10 Pro: No mouse settings for these button near thumbs available. Also not in advanced settings.

It is ridiculous that these buttons can’t have any function in Microsoft Office and even not in Windows Explorer (did I mention that already?).
More complaints in this forum and advising using 3rd party software !

So basically have a mouse with 2 buttons and scroll wheel.
Too bad, Anker.

Are there other mice from other manufacturers which git functions using that buttons?
I have only ergonomic ANKER and a WOWPen mice.
Sorry I am not a Windows user anymore.
Gave it up when I got retired.
Realy happy about that!
There are other issues regarding LINUX, but those can be solved.

I’m sorry but your wrong and yes these buttons can be programed in windows. Like I said before learn to search how to do it, in fact here is the link direct from Microsoft. Now quite wasting our time because you cannot figure it out and all you want to do is bash a company for not holding your hand. Get it together, all the resources are available for you to program them.


Of course.

If you make a mouse with these 2 extra “thumb” buttons, they work and can be configured.
I am flabbergasted that this Anker mouse has 2 “dead” buttons for the most common software of Office. And can’t be configured.
And before I hear the Windows settings replies again:
NO, these “thumb” buttons can’t be configured in Windows 10 (Pro).

I literally gave you the link direct from Microsoft that tells you how to program the buttons for all applications. If you can’t figure it out then find someone who can hold your hand and show you how to do it. Also it doesn’t matter what version of windows your running because they all use the same settings for the mouse, and if you were smart enough you would learn how to use IntelliPoint and program any key for whatever macro you want. So Bye Felicia


It doesn’t seem like the M & KB center supports this Anker mouse.

Thanks for sharing this blog this is useful keep it up.

unfortunately it doesnt work for anker even after installing this. it is what it is