Used/DOA for Warranty Replacement?

I love Anker products. My first was the Powercore 20100 and now I own a couple 10000, Surge, Spirit, Soundcores, Desktop chargers, and more I may be forgetting. They are robust, cost effective, elegant, and work.

I just experienced a failure on my Powercore 10000, the battery no longer can charge. I suppose it happens, technology is prone to failure. True to Anker’s quality customer care, they promptly shipped me a replacement battery within a week and advised me the replacement would be a refurbished unit that was quality tested to the Anker standard to be functioning as new.

It did not surprise me that the refurb unit Anker sent was clearly a customer return, it’s tape removed by the previous owner carelessly and the packaging worn. What disappointed me was that the item was not only previously owned, it was also damaged. The pin in the charging interface of the microUSB was bent downward, blocking the connection from the cable. No cable could fit into the charging input.

I’ve heard Anker warranty to be great, but this experience has left me underwhelmed. Anyone else received used units as warranty replacements?

Sorry to hear you are having issues. This isn’t normally the case with support and customer service. I would reach out to @AnkerSupport, @AnkerOfficial and let them know the know what has happened.

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Yeah I’m in the process with working with Anker support right now. They helped me with the replacement that just arrived Saturday but the pin on the charging port is busted. Curious if their replacements are going through any QA.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can fix this issue for you

wow I’m surprise you got a used one and damage too. Hopefully they will fix the issue.

I’ve had a couple warranty returns before and have never received a used product as a replacement. I’m surprised Anker would even do that.

I have received a new replacement on my only warrsnty replacement and I fealt the customer service team was excellent.

Hi @hunter.tranco,

Can you share the photo for the replacement? It’s unusual to receive a used and damaged replacement from our support team. Cos we will usually evaluate it before we sent out.

Thanks for all your feedback everyone. Everybody is saying how unusual it is for Anker to be using Used Returns as warranty replacements.

This is the exact message I received from Anker about the first replacement:

As a replacement for this item, we will be glad to send you a refurbished product that comes with a safety and quality guarantee from our technology team. Our refurbished products come mainly from returns made by customers who did not like the item due to a personal preference (color, weight, etc.). Rest assured the refurbished items have been inspected by our quality engineers and are guaranteed to perform like new. There might be minor signs of wear, but the product comes thoroughly cleaned, includes all its accessories, and is sure to meet your expectations.

After receiving the defective replacement, they offered to send a second replacement stating this:

The replacement shall still be refurbished one. But we believe the previous case was an isolated issue and everything shall work as it should be this time. Your understanding would be much appreciated.

I guess Anker is now sending out used returns for some warranty replacements to cut costs… Here is an image of the bent pin in the input port of my first battery replacement. It’s dark to see but the pin is bent downwards preventing any microUSB to fit into the charging port.