#UseAnkerInstead PowerWave+ with watch holder

I needed to charge my Apple Watch, and my iPhone. They were both running low on battery. My night stand was way to cluttered to have them both set up though. I wasn’t sure what to do! Then a thought hit me #UseAnkerInstead. I whipped out my PowerWave+ with watch holder

This charger gives you plenty of space to hold your watch, and charge your phone at the same time!

Your Apple Watch charger is plugged in, inside this PowerWave, which allows you to only have one cord running into it! In order to plug in your watch cord, you slide off the back of this charger.

This also supports Fast Charging so your phone will get the fastest charge you can get!

The watch holder only works with the original charger so be sure you are using the stock charger to use this product :wink:

If you ever want to organize your charging habits remember to pick one of these chargers up and #UseAnkerInstead!

Until next time, #PowerOn!


Nice review, thanks!

Nice review and pics :+1:t2:

Great review!

Great review, I will like the post but run out of likes for a few hours. “I’ll be back” to like your review.

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Thanks a lot! Such dedication :joy: