#UseAnkerInstead | Power Slim 5000

The Power Slim 5000 is a compact ultra-portable battery. I won a battery on a power draw. A few weeks later my sister ask me if I had any portable battery that she could borrow to her trip to China. I told her that I got the perfect solution to her problem.

The battery is extremely portable, it has power IQ and like the names specified 5000 mah capacity. This was tested with my iPhone X the charging times were:
1% to 20% took 20min
50% 55min
70% 1hr 18min
93% 2hrs 22min
After that I needed to use my phone so I had to unplugged.

My sister used and said she was able to get 2 full charges to her iPhone 6 plus and there was a little left in the battery.

The thermals in this battery pack is really good, It never got hot.

shout out to my buddy @dicejedi for helping me with the upload of the pictures


I’m interested on the iPhone X specific case, could you test how many useful charges you can get out of it? perhaps 1.5?

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Wow didn’t realize 5000 mah was so much. 2 full charges of 6 plus means I could probably get around 2.5 charges on my 7. Good quick review as well. BTW did you want to enter the Use Anker Instead contest?

Withy Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, I could get 1nfull charge, and a v small extra. The battery in my phone is 4200 or 4100 (I can’t remember exactly which).

Gifted two of these to friends & family, very good charger for pocket or backpack use

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Agreed that it is a great charger and it is even pocket-friendly! Glad you were able to help out your sister with it!

Really glad your sister enjoyed the portable battery! Great percentage times on charging the iPhone X

Thanks for the article @tugar32

Have gifted this to my cousin, for his college. Always hear compliments, with ever growing texting and social media for the new generation.

The only thing I dont like and advise users is not to attach and charge while on the call… Phones are known to explode when charged while on call

I charged my iPhoneX from 1% to 93%, after that my wife charged her phone (same) and got to 50 %, and there the middle light that indicates charge level was still flashing. That means 30% to 70%. I got pictures but I haven’t change the resolution.

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Where have you heard this? Sounds like a myth to me.

Have heard reports of this over news… It’s a myth till this happens again. There are no obligations to practice it.

Still there’s no basis to it. It could also explode while sitting in your pocket.

Unless you use cheap shit chargers, there is no reason for any powerbank to explode, unless you short the connectors, say by dropping in water/liquid, or deliberately crossing wires.

Anker has built in a lot of safety measures into their equipment.

I personally would say, for the above to happen, either it got dropped, or charged after getting wet (even if in backpack, it can still get damp), or a cheap unprotected charger was used.

Either way, even if it was under warranty, I’d still be extremely surprised if this was an Anker error.

Never mentioned anything about the powerbanks, It was always about the phone

Well, Since they have the signs on gas or petrol stations of not using your cellphone since it could cause the fumes to ignite, I wonder if this has something similar, I mean there is a strong signal coming from the phone antenna. Could this provoke the internal batteries of the charger to heat up?

My error, that was meant for a different post. Oops.

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That was proved a myth many years ago, on a science program.

Only a faulty handset could have the potential to “spark out” in the way needed to ignite petrol/gas fumes. By faulty I mean, it’s giving the user shocks when using it.

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