#UseAnkerInstead, Nylon USB to Usb-C cable

This cable has become my go to cable when out and about. It is not only very flexible, it is also durable and has stood up against numerous bends and twist that have seemingly put a permanent kink into my old cable.
The ends on this cable are made of aluminum construction and the rubber coating extends down over the braided cable itself to further add to it’s durability.

On my old cable I had issues with plugging the end in into my phone, sometimes it would not charge my phone and I would have to unplug it and flip it around to get it to charge which defeats the purpose of having a cable that can be plugged in any way. But once I got this Nylon cable I have not had any issues with it charging my phone regardless of it’s orientation. And since this is my new go to cable I would highly recommend others who need a USB to USB-C cable to get this. Remember Anker is the best so #UseAnkerInstead


Once someone uses one of these as a climbing rope, than, my life will be complete :joy:. Good job on the review!

Great review Rob! This is my current go to cable but in lightning form.

I bet Macgyver wished he had one of these in the 80’s! :joy:


You know there’s a “new” mcgiver.

You can’t beat the original one!


Great review, at the moment I don’t have that many devices that require USB-C. But they are getting there.

I love the nylon cables, especially in red

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plagiarism is not allowed! :grin:

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Nice review and photos!

Great review :clap:

Nice review!

After this review I think I need some red nylon cables in my life

Do it, they are amazing