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I have owned the pair of SoundBuds Slim Wireless Earbuds for about a year now and wanted to post a review about for a while. Since @AnkerOfficial just launched a contest, I just thought this would be the best time to write one (and my first review on this forum :grin:).

First I would like to give my reason for purchasing them. I had recently bought my new iPhone and it didn’t have a headphone jack :unamused: so I had to carry a “dongle” everywhere to listen to music. Since I am college student, I had to have my headphones dangling while walking around which became annoying. So after my birthday, I decided to treat myself by buying a pair of wireless earbuds. I had AirPods in mind but they were just too expensive for me so decided to buy something from Amazon. After a couple days of research, I decided to buy these Anker earbuds because of great customer service. These were perfect for me because I could listen to music in gym as well. I have been using them everyday while travelling to campus and on campus. There have been days when I forgot to charge them and those were days when something felt off because I didn’t have them on me and couldn’t listen to music. These have become an essential part of my daily routine just like my phone and laptop!

According to the stats, these are IPX5 Watter-Resistant, have up to 7 hours playback on a single charge, and most important of all comes with 18-month warranty all for $25 ONLY! Again, keep in mind I hadn’t heard of Anker before at all.

When I got my first pair, the battery was damaged and drained at an abnormally high rate. Contacted support and got a brand new pair within a week.

Charging and Playback Times

Now with the new pair lasting me for about a year, I tested charging time and playback time myself by playing different genres of music at 1/2 volume or less from my iPhone 7.

  • Charing time (using USB 3.0 port): 2 hrs 49 mins
  • Total playback time (again, 1/2 volume or less): 6 hrs 35 mins

The playback time, as far as I am concerned, is good enough because it lasts me a whole week (maybe even more depending how long I listen).


These come in a standard blue and white box, nothing fancy just as expected based on the price.

In the box, comes the pretty typical booklet for Owner’s Manual and Safety Instruction, and the Happy/Not Happy card. Along with those, Micro-USB charging cable, carrying pouch, cord management clip, cord shirt clip, and extra hooks and ear tips are included. Everything is well made and haven’t seen any scratch or tear of any kind. Even the Anker logo on the magnetic end of earbuds look good as new.

Sound Quality

Since I am not critic and don’t have a lot of knowledge about highs or lows, I’ll try to do my best explaining everything. Also if anyone was wondering, I listen to Bollywood songs through Ganna app on my iPhone.

Once paired, I was honestly surprised by the sound quality. It a lot like my Apple wired earbuds and not too far off from AirPods (based on a brief test). My friend and I tested these with AirPods that he owns, and we were very surprised by the sound quality. Keep in mind these are about 1/6th the price of AirPods so if I can listen to music as clearly as AirPods, it’s kind of amazing. The bass is also not too bad as long as you listen at decent volume. I try not to listen at a really loud volume but when I tried to, it does sound a bit weird and not too clear. I think these earbuds prefer the artist singing more than the music.

Either way, these are very solid choice for someone just getting into the wireless earbuds community. Besides buying Anker products mean you have Anker’s friendly customer service to help you whenever a problem arises so #UseAnkerInstead!

Let me know if you would like to know anything more. Feedbacks are welcome since this is my first review ever. Also, likes are welcome :wink:

I forgot to put a review of the microphone so just gonna add it here. The microphone is good. I use it while driving sometimes and the person on the other end can hear me quite well. I don’t have to yell or anything. I even tested them myself by making my sister talk through them and from what I remember, the sound quality was good as well. Again, just a reminder that I haven’t tried any other Anker earphones so can’t compare microphone quality with others.


Great review! It was nicely done :+1:

Thanks man! I just wanted to see if I did a good enough job without going off topic.

Man you definitely did good

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For your first review that was a brilliant review! Good job sir. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:

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Good job on the review @Shivam_Shah and if that’s your first I can see further great reviews on the way :ok_hand:


Thanks a lot @ikari04warrior, @Macgyver15, and @ndalby!!

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Great review! Good job!!!

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Thanks! Guess writing a review is a great way to get social and active

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Good job you made.
These are the kind of reviews we like to see and read.

I was actually kinda scared to post a review. Wasn’t sure how and what to write because of limited experience with wireless headphones/earphones. Feels like I am not knowledgeable about other products out there