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Hello everyone,

I’m still a little new to the Anker community, but I’ve been an IT professional since 2003. Came across Anker, and their products while searching for a good battery pack to keep my phone alive during hectic work days. I used to travel around from a handful of states working and replacing infrastructure. And in between I was on the phone giving updates and planning the next location so by the time mid day would come my phone was pretty much drained.

Since then I’ve changed jobs but still tend to be on the phone a lot, and on a personal note when I’m not at work I’m at a softball related event for one of the kids. I’ve recently purchased a few more products to help with the day to day around here and have been absolutely thrilled. The PowerHouse has been a life savor at the ball field, esp since our kid plays year round and the field can often times get cold, its got enough juice to power a small heater and still keep my laptop charged for anything that comes up at the office.

I’m curious tho if any other IT’s out there have implemented a mass quantity of Anker products in their environment and how the majority feel about those products they have put out. I have departments and area’s that are always looking for a quick charge to their phones or additional usb ports for computers. I’ve been trying to convince management that Anker is a quality product but I’ve never really used the majority of the products yet so as a comparison to some of the others that are on the market how do you feel about what you have implemented or used daily?

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I recently had this same thought. I can vouch for quality and reliability but I’m intrigued to see some anger products in a business workplace.

I’ve got a fair few Anker usb ports and adaptors bought for my department (IT) to use, and I recommend users to buy Anker in the right circumstances. But not had the opportunity to do a mass roll out of anything Anker related yet.
If Anker did USB C docking stations (port replicators) then if they stood up to testing, we could definitely start supplying them with our new laptops rather than the HP/Dell offerings. The 18 month warranty is better than either Dell or HP will do.

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Thats exactly what I’m hoping for as well, we have a few Mac’s in the workplace, and several Surface Pro 4’s I just placed a preorder for a new MacBook Pro but the biggest concern I have is the USB-C connectors. I realize its still new tech and will eventually get a docking station or something that will work with the USB-C but I tend to run parallels through the mac environment to handle all my windows needs. My in office workstation I use a Mac Mini and a Surface Book. But seems like I’m always searching for a better docking station for these more “mobile friendly” devices. the Surface Book dock only has 4 USB-A and 2 Mini Display adaptors.

Trying to implement them more as a standard in the environment has led to needing more dongles, and more peripherals than maybe a normal workstation, but with the type of business we do mobility is an absolute must.

We currently have a couple of HP laptops in as a trial (we are thinking of moving to them as a main supplier). Their ultra thin laptops come with USB C ports for a docking station only, where as the thicker laptops come with a dedicated docking port, as well as a USB C port, so can use both.
We are currently discussing if we should just buy all USB C docks, or have a mix of USB C docks and “normal” docking stations.
From a support point of view, having them all the same is my preference. The one we have in to test works flawlessly connecting to keyboard,mouse, ethernet and 2 external monitors.
I’ve yet to test it on a Surface Pro though, I’ll need to reclaim out test one back from my boss!

We do event services. So one day we’ll have a concert we setup for and the very next we’ll have a rodeo or something. So its a lot of setup followed by an immediate tear down with another setup for the following night or a few nights out. The best thing about it is this place is never boring, the worst thing is this place is never boring. You setup a handful of wireless access points just to tear them down later that night because the next show coming in wants to use that space for their stage or lighting, or sound system or what ever.

So our coordinators absolutely love the surface 4’s because of how light they are and they can carry them out to the event floor and still have access to all their files, folders and network resources. But when they get back to the desk they are limited in what can be connected. Obviously from a monetary standpoint upper management doesn’t want to equip every user with so much over head so they decided to use the surface 4’s as both primary and secondary.

The general quality of the surface has been better than I initially expected but the docking stations continue to underwhelm me.

My brother who does IT says that he has seen them at work.

Hello to you to! It’s nice to meet you, and wow, I’m impressed with your essay. Was this for school?

/your job as an IT professor?